There's no better way to live than in the service of others who are constantly seeking for the next meal with a glimpse of hope for the future.

About SBE Charity

Who We Are

We are a non profit humanitarian charity organization with a mission to provide and feed the starving kids and families in our society and the nation at large. Our goal is ZERO HUNGER among the children.

Our Driving Force

We believe every child deserves a healthy start in life, as starving kids could be extremely vulnerable to diseases because when malnourished, illnesses becomes life threatening and because they’re our future we can’t afford to let them die of hunger today.


Support SBE Charity

We're committed to contribute to the improvement of the standrad of living of children who are living way beyond a comfortable livelihood with zero chances to accessing quality education.

With your support, we can achieve the goal of reaching out to more children and provide essential help they need to secure their future.

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